Infinity LPMud: Theme Story

What follows is a short story that was designed to explain how Infinity came to be, and why the town looks much like Los Angeles did after the riots. It hasn't been released to the general public before the creation of Infinity's home pages, so consider yourself treated to something secret....also keep in mind that this is pretty raw, and was kept out of the public eye for a reason.


Bill Mackiewicz (Mutara), February 1993

Back in the time of the Stone Wars, there lived a being of great power, known only as The Sorcerer. Such designations seem common, perhaps even uninventive, until one realizes that the power behind a name is a power beyond imagining, when dealing with magical creatures.

The life of a Sorcerer is a lonely life indeed, and the creatures one may summon from the depths of the Netherworlds are usually not chosen for their conversational abilities. And thus the Sorcerer chose to live on Earth itself, among humans. He fashioned a tower from rocks hewn of quarries of marble, supporting walls of marble with pillars of foreign metal, and made it his home.

Powerful entities frequently are held in contempt by the commoners of the land. It is expected, one supposes, that over the period of several centuries the villagers got restless. Led by a villager named Breltain, 40 men armed with iron tools stormed the gates of the Tower and entered, intent on slaying The Sorcerer.

Iron weapons clashed against mystical forces for a few short hours. The Sorcerer was a skilled user of magic; the iron in the villagers weapons enabled them to batter down walls of sheer force, slice through barriers of fire. Combat ensued between the villagers and creatures of evil origins, summoned in a last-ditch attempt by the Sorcerer to protect his home and his soul.

Human-wrought iron is impure, though, and although the determination of the villagers was strong, the combined might of Darkslayers and Soulstealers made short work of their lives. Breltain alone made it to the top of the Tower, and hacked down the door to gain entrance to the inner sanctum of the Sorcerer. The Sorcerer's defenses were weakened by emergency attempts at summoning creatures, and with Breltain battered and bruised, the two locked themselves in mortal combat, each pitting the last of their strength against their opponent.

Magic failed to respond to The Sorcerer's command, and Breltain could not summon the strength to defeat his opponent in a single blow. Grappling for a few short moments, the two combatants unleashed their raw emotions on each other, amid the burning remains of the Tower of the Sorcerer. With his last breath, Breltain swung the axe at the Sorcerer's head, slicing out his left eye with the blade. Among the puddle of blood and internal fluids lay the Sorcerer, his defenses weakened, eye burst, vision and power halved.

It can be said to the Sorcerer's credit that when he was approached by the Darker Forces of Magic, he was both too distraught over the attack, and angry at the loss of his eye to stand against the evil being offered him.

Yet embrace the power he did, and with power came mastery over anatomy. His left eye drained completely, and was replaced with a diamond, able to see far distances, and able to see past clouding spells of sorcery cast against him. With the aid of evil minions, the Tower was rebuilt, and the power of the Sorcerer grew. As his final rebuilding task, he commanded Darkslayers and Soulstealers to ravage the village that had attacked him. Bodies were strewn across the streets like toys, and many people had their left eye plucked out. Screams echoed through the buildings as the entire village was ripped from the land, and placed in a dimension without sight, without sound, and without purpose. Lost between time zones, and in a different place, the villagers were left. Lost in the place known only as Infinity.

Few actions of this magnitude can come to pass without an equal and opposite reaction occuring, though. From the netherworld were spawned ArchWizards of fantastic power, capable of creating objects from nothing, and created for themselves the duty of righting this wrong.

Due to the natural laws of the Universe, these ArchWizards were unable to affect the situation directly. For each attempt they made to remove the Sorcerer, he unleashed terrific powers against them, preventing them from killing the Sorcerer, and from removing the village from Infinity.

Indirect actions worked well, though, and repeated attempts at creating a champion from outside the dimension resulted in many adventurers being trapped within the village. With their vast powers of creation and manipulation of the surroundings, they endeavored to create a way for select adventurers to battle the Sorcerer, and undermine his position.

The final culmination of their efforts was to create training areas for the adventurers. The remaining villagers joined in the effort, hosting pubs, trading centers, and providing religious aid for those willing to face the horrors of the Sorcerer. The ArchWizards enlisted the aid of other creating Wizards to form areas for the adventurers to fight in, hone their reasoning skills, and test their ability to solve puzzles. All in preparation for the final battle against the Sorcerer.

And thus the story comes to an end. Locked in an eternal battle against The Sorcerer, adventurers pit their skills and abilities against wizard-wrought challenges, while the Sorcerer continues to ravage the village in it's time-lost location. Legend has it that every once in a while, one lone adventurer discovers the weakness of The Sorcerer, and frees the village. As it always has been, it depends on the adventurer to make the legend live.

Author's note: While this story is all nice and dandy, it was unfortunately never publicized, or acted upon. A few years ago, a number of Wizards attempted to join forces and write a multi-Wizard quest that dealt with the sorcerer and his demise. Due to time constraints and lack of interest, however, this project was put off to the side, and never quite revived. If you read this story and would like to see it revived, please let Mutara Malc know, and let him know you read about it on the Web page.